NCTL 4.0.0 Release Notes


The major improvements and additions of the above version is listed below:

UX Improvements

The v4.0.0 release is a huge release with most commands having breaking UX changes. The general syntax follows the conventional <nctl> <verb> <noun> format.

Note: Only the nctl clusters command follows backward compatibility with 3.x, and all other commands should be carefully investigated before upgrading to this new release. Please contact Nirmata Support for more information and assistance.

Refer to the list of 4.x compatible commands here.

New Commands

nctl scan repository

Scan any Git repository using the nctl scan repository command. This command will recursively scan the entire repository against the policies as configured with the -p flag. NPM customers can view the scan results in NPM under the Policy Reports>Repositories tab. Learn more about the pipeline scanning workflow here.