nctl install

Install Command

The install command helps install Nirmata components.

nctl install [command]

The Nirmata Enterprise Kyverno Operator can be installed with the help of this command.

nctl install operator [flags]

Command Options

Flags Shorthand Description
--help -h help for install
--config <string> -f Provide the helm values stored in an yaml file
--create-namespace Creates a new namespace if set to true (default true)
--kube-context <string> see the kube context from configured kubeconfig. Default is the current or sole context
--kubeconfig <string> shows the kubeconfig path (defaults to $HOME/.kube/kubeconfig)
--kyverno-version <string> Kyverno version 1.10 (default) (default “1.10”)
--license-key <string> -l License Key for Kyverno operator
--namespace <string> -n namespace in which the operator is deployed (default “nirmata-system”)
--profile <string> -p Profile type of Kyverno operator
--release <string> release name for the helm chart (default “kyverno-operator”)
--timeout <duration> time to wait until the operation terminates (default 10m0s)