nctl get operator

Get Operator Command

To get the Kyverno operator information, use the get command.

nctl get operator [command]

For further customization, get the helm-values for Kyverno operator by using the following command:

nctl get operator helm-values [flags]

Command Options

Flag Shorthand Description
--help -h help for helm-values
--kube-context string see the kube context from configured kubeconfig. Default is the current or sole context
--kubeconfig string show the kubeconfig path (defaults to $HOME/.kube/kubeconfig)
--namespace string -n namespace in which the operator is deployed (default “nirmata-system”)
--no-cluster prevent all calls to cluster
--outputfile string -o output file to store Helm values
--release string -r release name for the helm chart (default “kyverno-operator”)