Cluster Onboarding

Cluster Onboarding

nctl provides an easy way to add new clusters to NPM, and also to interact with existing clusters.

Note: You must be logged in to your NPM account before performing any of the below actions. View the steps to login here.

Add a new cluster to NPM

To onboard an existing cluster to the Nirmata Policy Manager, use the add command.

nctl clusters add --cluster-name <cluster-name>

This will install the Kyverno Operator, and also deploy the following PolicySets:

  • Pod Security Standards (Baseline)
  • Pod Security Standards (Restricted)
  • RBAC Best Practices

If you wish to only onboard the cluster without deploying the Kyverno Operator and related components, use the --register-only flag.

List all clusters

To get all clusters list that are onboarded onto NPM, use the get command.

nctl clusters get

Get cluster details

To view more details of any cluster,

nctl clusters get <cluster-name>

Remove cluster from NPM

To remove the cluster from NPM,

nctl clusters remove --cluster-name <cluster-name>

This deregisters the cluster from NPM and also removes the Kyverno Operator and related components and policysets that were installed at the time of registering the cluster.