nctl register

Register Cluster Command

Registers the cluster referenced in kubeconfig by installing Nirmata related components. This command does not install Kyverno Operator and its related components.

nctl register cluster <context> flags

Command Options

Flags Shorthand Description
--autoinstall -a option requires providing elevated permissions to Nirmata Policy Manager. (default true)
--help -h help for register command
--insecure allow connection to an address with a self-signed or non-verifiable certificate (not recommended)
--kube-context <string> see the kube context from configured kubeconfig. Default is the current or sole context
--kubeconfig <string> show the kubeconfig path (defaults to $HOME/.kube/kubeconfig)
--kyverno-exist -k option to check if Kyverno is already installed on this cluster
--name <string> -n name of the cluster to register
--token <string> Nirmata API Key (env NIRMATA_TOKEN)
--url <string> Nirmata server base URL (env NIRMATA_URL)
--type <string> -t kyverno config selector for the cluster