nctl add

Add Cluster Command

To onboard a Kubernetes cluster to the Nirmata Policy Manager, use the add command.

nctl add cluster --cluster-name <cluster-name>

This will install the Kyverno Operator, and also deploy the following PolicySets:

  • Pod Security Standards (Baseline)
  • Pod Security Standards (Restricted)
  • RBAC Best Practices If you wish to only onboard the cluster without deploying the Kyverno Operator and related components, use the --register-only flag.

Command Options

Flags Shorthand Description
--cluster-id <string> -i the NPM cluster Id of cluster to be updated (Needed if cluster name is not unique)
--cluster-name <string> name of the cluster to onboard is required (not needed if onboarding token is provided)
--help -h help for add sub-command
--insecure allow connection to an address with a self-signed or non-verifiable certificate (not recommended)
--kube-context <string> see the kube context from configured kubeconfig. Default is the current or sole context
--kubeconfig <string> shows the kubeconfig path (defaults to $HOME/.kube/kubeconfig)
--kyverno-version <string> specify Kyverno version(default “1.10”)
--namespace string -n specify the namespace to install Kyverno operator(default “nirmata-system”)
--onboarding-token <string> the cluster onboarding token
--register-only only register cluster by installing Nirmata related components, don’t install Kyverno operator
--release <string> -r operator helm chart release name (default “kyverno-operator”)
--token <string> Nirmata API Key (env NIRMATA_TOKEN)
--url <string> Nirmata server base URL (env NIRMATA_URL)
--values-file <string> -f the cluster onboarding parameter YAML file