Policy Exceptions Management

Contain steps to raise policy exceptions

Policy exceptions are temporary deviations that are required when following the policy practices might not be possible because it can hinder operational needs.

Policy exception workflow

Every policy exception request is sent to an admin for review. The admin can either accept or reject the request. If the request gets accepted, the PolicyException resource gets deployed and the user who requested the exception gets notified via email.

Requesting a policy exception

To request a policy exception:

  1. Go to Policy -> PolicyReports. Click on the namespaces to view the violations in that namespace.
  2. Click on the violation that needs an exception. This will display a detailed report of that particular violation.
  3. On the same page, click on the Request Policy Exception button located on the top right-hand section of the screen. It will display a dialog box as shown below.


  1. Fill the details along with a reason for requesting the exception, and click the Create button.
  2. A new Policy Exception Request is now created and it will send an alert to the admin for a review.

Viewing Policy Exception Requests

To view the policy exception requests:

  1. Go to Policies -> Policy Exceptions and click on Policy Exception Requests. This page displays all the pending policy exception requests.
  2. By default, only pending requests are displayed. To view all approved and rejected requests, change the Status filter accordingly.