Step 2 -- Configure a Node to Run Nirmata Shared Services

This first Node will run Nirmata shared services - MongoDB, Zookeeper, Elasticsearch, Kafka and Kibana.

  1. SSH to your Node
  2. Disable RHEL7 the firewall (if applicable) :

    sudo systemctl stop firewalld
    sudo systemctl disable firewalld
    sudo systemctl status firewalld
  3. Install Docker (for RHEL see Annex A – Docker CE Installation on RHEL 7)

  4. Copy Nirmata Private Edition installation script ( under /usr/bin :

    sudo cp /usr/bin/nirmata-pe
    sudo chmod a+x /usr/bin/nirmata-pe
  5. Make sure the following ports are accessible from outside the Node:

    a. Elasticsearch: 9200, 9300 b. Kafka: 9092 c. Zookeeper: 2181, 2888, 3888 d. MongoDB: 27017