Step 4 -- Install Shared Services

Once all the deployment settings have been added, you can start the installation of the shared services In the install folder, run the shared services install script:

It may take a few minutes to complete the installation.

Check if all the pods were installed correctly:

kubectl get pods -n nirmata-shared

Note: Sometimes it may take a few minutes for the zookeeper cluster to be formed. Use this command on each zookeeper pod to check if the zookeeper cluster is formed:

kubectl exec  zookeeper-2 -n nirmata-shared bin/ status

You should see:

Using config: /opt/zookeeper-3.5.1/bin/../conf/zoo.cfg
Client port not found in static config file. Looking in dynamic config file.
Client port found: 2181. Client address: zookeeper-2.zookeeper.nirmata-shared.
Mode: leader