Creating A New Policy Group

How to create a new policy group

As previously stated, Nirmata includes a number of highly recommended policies when leveraging either NPMK or the Full Nirmata Edition with the Kyverno add-in installed. However more than likely organizations will find benefit in creating their own customized policies as well.

In order to facilitate this process, one would first need to establish their content within a Git repository. As a reminder, policies are configured in a yaml format.

So once a new policy Git repository is available, the process for creating custom Policy Group (referencing this repo) is very straight forward. To perform this task, from the Policy Group page, click the button for Add Policy Group, located in the upper right corner. This will provide an Add New Policy Group form.


Within this form, provide the following detailed information:

  1. Unique name for the Policy Group
  2. Reference established Git credentials
  3. The specific repository to be used
  4. Specific branch
  5. The desired directory list
  6. Indicate whether this is to be set as a Default Policy Group

If needed, applicable Kustomize settings Lastly any cluster selector labels

Click Create when complete.