For Administrators

This section is for admin or platform users who manage Nirmata and enable Kubernetes services for development teams. Please review the Core Concepts section to familiarize yourself with key terms and definitions before you proceed.

Quick Start

Upon first signup for Nirmata, administrators will see a Quick Start option that provides information and walks new users through the onboarding process.

The Quick Start option deploys automatically for all new users.


To take a tour of Kubernetes setup:

  1. Click SEE FEATURES. Nirmata Tour view walks you through the Day 2 Kubernetes Management with Nirmata.

  2. Click Next in the Nirmata Tour view to proceed with the tour walkthrough. If you are ready to get started with the Nirmata Tour,

  3. Click GET STARTED. Install Kubernetes using the provided instructions.


  1. Configure a cluster host to start the Kubernetes Cluster setup. image

Follow the instructions to setup the container host by installing the Docker Engine, and the Nirmata Host Agent.

  1. Verify that the host is connected.


NOTE If you do not have a host group set up available, then you can use direct-connect-host-group , or direct-connect-provider option to configure Host Groups for bare metal (physical) servers in Nirmata.

Create a Cluster


Create an Environment



Deploy an Application with the Environment


Registering an Existing Cluster

The following video provides a walkthrough of registering a cluster in Nirmata:

Video link

Creating a new Cloud Provider Managed Cluster

A provider managed cluster is one where the Kubernetes control-plane is managed by a cloud provider. Nirmata enables complete life-cycle management for provider managed clusters.

Here are three easy steps to create a new provider managed cluster:

  1. Setup Cloud Credentials for the cloud provider of your choice.
  2. Create a Cluster Type .
  3. Provision a cluster using the configured type (see Create a Kubernetes Cluster ).

Creating a new Nirmata Managed Cluster

A Nirmata managed cluster is one where Nirmata deploys and manages the Kubernetes control-plane. This type or Cluster is also referred to as a custom cluster, as the control plane is customizable.

With Nirmata, you can choose to either manage your container hosts using existing tools and directly connect these to Nirmata. Or, you can automate the provisioning and management of container hosts using a Nirmata Host Group.

Direct-Connect Hosts

  1. Setup a Direct Connect Host Group .
  2. Provision a Kubernetes Cluster (see Create a Kubernetes Cluster ).

Nirmata Managed Hosts

  1. Setup Cloud Credentials for the cloud provider of your choice.
  2. Setup a Host Group (Host Groups ) for the Cloud Provider.
  3. Provision a Kubernetes Cluster (see Create a Kubernetes Cluster ).