Nutanix Karbon Clusters

To create a Nutanix Karbon Cluster, a Cloud Credential, and a Cluster type needs to be configured:

Creating Cloud Credentials

  1. Navigate to Cloud credentials (left toolbar) and Click on Add Cloud Credentials and choose Nutanix Karbon.
  2. Provide a unique name for your Cloud credentials and Fill in the credentials that will be required to connect to Nutanix Cloud Provider. Click on Finish

Creating a Cluster Type

Cluster type is basically a template using which one or more clusters can be created, Follow the below procedure to create a Cluster Type:

  1. Navigate to Cluster Type (Policies (left navigation bar) –> Cluster Types) and choose Nutanix in Private Cloud Providers
  2. Fill in all the configurations depending upon the requirement required. Applications can be added on using the add-on section to the bottom. Click on Create

Creating a Nutanix Karbon Cluster

Navigate to Cluster (Left toolbar)

  1. Click on Add Cluster and choose Nutanix in Private Cloud Providers. Provide a unique name to the cluster.
  2. Choose the cluster type created from the dropdown, fill in the required number of nodes that need to be deployed fro this cluster and Click on Create cluster

The details of the created cluster can be checked using the vertical toolbar at the top of the Cluster created .