Nirmata Agent Setup

To setup the Nirmata agent on the host instance

  1. Run the Nirmata Agent configuration script:

    sudo curl -sSL | sudo sh -s -- --cloud <CloudProvider> --hostgroup <HostGroupId>
      CloudProvider = [aws | azure | vsphere | google | other]
      HostGroupId = unique ID for the Host Group. Only required for the 'Direct Connect' container hosts
  2. Verify that Nirmata Agent has started:

    sudo docker ps uses / to enable management of nirmata-agent as a service. If upstart or systemd is not available on your host instance, you can directly run nirmata-agent container using docker.

To start/stop Nirmata agent you can use:


sudo start nirmata-agent
sudo stop nirmata-agent


systemctl start nirmata-agent
systemctl stop nirmata-agent

To setup the Nirmata agent on any host instance using commandline (for ‘other’ cloud provider):

docker run --rm -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -v /var/log/nirmata-agent:/var/log/supervisor \
            -v /opt/nirmata/conf:/usr/share/nirmata/conf -v /opt/nirmata/db:/usr/share/nirmata/db --name=nirmata-agent \
            -v /sys:/sys:ro -e NIRMATA_HOST_ADDRESS=<HostName> -e NIRMATA_CLOUD_PROVIDER_TYPE=other -e NIRMATA_USE_HTTP=false\
            -e -e NIRMATA_LABELS=<HostLabels> -e NIRMATA_HOST_GROUP_ID=<HostGroupId> nirmata/nirmata-agent:latest

  HostName = Host name or IP address of your host
  HostGroupId = unique ID for the Host Group. Required for the 'other' cloud provider type
  HostLabels = Host labels in json format without any spaces between keys and values. e.g. NIRMATA_LABELS={"host-type":"SSD","host-location":"us-east"}

To view the Nirmata agent logs use:

sudo docker logs nirmata-agent