Direct Connect Hosts

You can connect any (public or private cloud) server into Nirmata using the ‘Direct Connect’ type. In this type of deployment you control which servers are made available in a Host Group. Auto scaling and recovery of hosts is not supported for this host type.

A container engine is required on your host. To install the Docker engine see the Docker installation guide .

Before connecting hosts to Nirmata via host-group setup, please review host readiness requirement.

To setup a Create a Host Group of type ‘Direct Connect’ by navigating to Host Groups -> Direct Connect -> Add Host Group. Give your Host Group a name and drill down into its details page. This will display an message as follows:

Install the Nirmata Host Agent using the key: <key>

To complete the setup, install Docker Engine and launch the Nirmata Host Agent passing in the provider type and Host Group ID:

sudo curl -sSL | sudo sh -s -- --cloud other --hostgroup <key>

If your server is a Virtual Machine, you can also save it as a template or image to create additional Nirmata Host instances from it.

Note: Remove the file: /usr/share/nirmata/conf/ and the directory: /opt/nirmata/db/ prior to saving the VM as a template.

To view the Nirmata agent logs use:

sudo docker logs nirmata-agent