Bulk Update


The goal of the Cluster Bulk Update feature is to update the cluster configuration from a centralized location (cluster type), which is propagated to all clusters.

What is Bulk Update

Cluster Bulk Update is a batch operation that quickly updates the cluster to the latest configuration. This feature is supported by the provider-managed clusters. Currently, the support is available only for the EKS cluster and for the Kubernetes version.

NOTE: Bulk update is not possible on the latest Kubernetes version of clusters.

Benefits of Bulk Update

With an increase in the number of clusters, it becomes challenging to keep the clusters updated. The Bulk Update feature enables the user to manage the cluster configuration easily. The following are the benefits of bulk update:

  • All clusters can be updated from a single view.
  • It saves time by avoiding the user having to go through the cumbersome process of updating configuration changes to each cluster.
  • It helps to keep clusters in sync with the latest configuration.
  • It allows configuration changes made to the cluster type to be propagated to all clusters.

How to Bulk Update

Bulk update for Kubernetes version of clusters can be performed using the following steps:

  1. Go to Nirmata Home Page>menu option>Clusters>Cluster Type(for example, eks-bulk).

  2. Go to General>Summary, click the edit icon, make changes to the Kubernetes version and save it.


    Go to Cloud Provider>Cloud Configuration, click the edit icon, make changes to the Kubernetes version and save it.

  3. Open the Click to view clusters associated with this Cluster Type link.


    On the left pane, click Clusters.

  1. On each cluster, click on the notification Update Available for the clusters you want to update the Kubernetes version.


    On the Clusters page, beside the State column, click on the notification, Update Available for the clusters on which you want to update the Kubernetes version. A pop window appears with the display of the Kubernetes version number that you can update to.

  1. Click on the Update button. It may take more than 10 minutes for the upgrade to complete.

    Once the update is successful, the system subtask displays a message that the upgrade is complete.

    If the update fails, the System Task Error field displays the reason for the failure.

NOTE: Downgrade of clusters is not supported.