Environment Types

Environment type defines the resource limit for the environment by specifying the size of the environment in terms of memory, CPU, number of pods, or any other quantity supported by the cluster. While creating an environment users can select an environment type. A suitable Resource Quota is automatically created based on the environment type.

Follow the below steps to configure an Environment type:

  1. Navigate to Environment types (Policies -> Environment types) and click on Add Environment type Fill in the name along with the Quota key and provide a value for the same.
  2. Multiple key values can be added by clicking Add Item. The environment type can be made default by choosing the Default option. Click on Ok once you have added all the resource limits and details.

Below are some of the environment types with pre-configured sizes in Nirmata that can be used or can be customized.

Sr. Name CPU Memory Default
1 micro 1 2Gi No
2 small 2 4Gi No
3 medium 4 8Gi Yes
4 large 8 16Gi No
5 xlarge 16 32Gi No
6 XXlarge 32 64Gi No
7 none NA NA No