A Catalog stores application definitions. Catalogs can be shared by teams, and each user can have access to multiple catalogs.


There are three type of catalog applications:

  1. YAML: resource definitions are stored in Nirmata
  2. Git: resource definitions are stored in an external Git repository
  3. Helm: resource definitions are stored in an external Helm Chart repository

While learning Kubernetes concepts, you can easily model new applications in a Catalog using the Nirmata web console and export them as validated Kubernetes YAML files.

Advanced users can manage Kubernetes manifests externally in a Git repository. Developers who are creating Helm charts can directly reference their Git repository. Nirmata will recognize the expanded Helm Chart in the Git repository and deploy it as a chart to downstream environments.

3rd party applications packaged as Helm Charts can be used from an internal or external Helm repository.

All catalog application types can be deployed to multiple downstream environments, and changes to the running applications can be easily managed using release channels and rollouts.