Nirmata Kyverno Adapters

Kyverno adapters extend and enrich policy decisions for integrations. The following adapters are used by Nirmata:

Nirmata AWS Adapter

Kyverno AWS Adapter is a Kubernetes controller for the AWSConfig CRD. For more information, see kyverno-aws-adapter .

Nirmata Venafi Adapter

The Nirmata Venafi Adapter helps extract public keys, certificates, or cert chains stored securely in Venafi CodeSign Protect.

For more information on installing, testing, uninstalling, and configuring the Kyverno chart, see venafi-adapter .

Nirmata CIS Adapter (CIS Benchmarks)

The kube-bench adapter periodically runs a CIS-benchmark check using cron-job with a tool called kube-bench and produces a cluster-wide policy report, based on the Policy Report - Custom Resource Definition. For more information on installation and Helm values, see kube-bench-adapter .