Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) Cluster Role

In addition to adding AWS as a Cloud Provider, managing an EKS Cluster in Nirmata requires a second role in AWS.

To create the second role required for EKS Cluster management in Nirmata, login to the AWS Management Console and select IAM Services.

Select Roles and then click on the button to Create Role.


Select Another AWS Account.


Enter the Account ID provided by Nirmata during the AWS Cloud Provider setup.


Apply the following policies to the role:

AmazonEKSClusterPolicy AmazonEKSServicePolicy

Locate each permission by entering the Permission Name into the Search box. Place a checkmark next to each required permission. After adding all permissions, click the Create Policy button.


Complete the role creation process. Be sure to note the Access Keys (Access Key IDs and Secret Access Keys).

Copy the Role ARN from the Role Summary screen in AWS.


In Nirmata, complete the first page of Cluster Configuration Details. Paste the Role ARN from AWS into the Cluster Role ARN field. Click Next.